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Brujo Benavides on 'The Unsung Benefits of the Erlang Ecosystem'

December 12 - December 12, 2023

The Unsung Benefits of the Erlang Ecosystem - Brujo Benavides

We all know soft real-time and how easy it is to build distributed and scalable systems on the Erlang VM. We’ve also heard about hot code-updates. Those are the most popular benefits of using a language from the Erlang Ecosystem to build your systems. But they are not the only ones, far from that! In this talk, Brujo will show you what other great and unique things this ecosystem has to offer.

Discover everything that Erlang, Elixir, Gleam and others can offer to you as a professional and/or to your business as a whole.

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Atlanta Elixir Meetup - Dec

December 13 - December 13, 2023

This month we’ll continue with the BYO Topic format. If you have something you’d like to talk about, you can either message me in advance, or simply bring it up once we get started.

This meetup centers around the Elixir programming language and is for anyone interested in discussing Elixir and related topics. It takes a broad approach, welcoming discussion and talks on Elixir, Erlang, Phoenix Framework, as well as other community packages and projects.

Please let us know if you have an interest in presenting.

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Boulder Elixir Meetup

December 13 - December 13, 2023

Roundtable discussion followed by brief Q&A. Please leave a comment if you would like to talk (or ask) about a specific topic.

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Elixir Meetup Curiosum

December 13 - December 13, 2023


Sigu Magwa UNDERSTANDING ELIXIR GENSERVERS Community Lover, Software Writer, Team Builder Passionate human who loves promoting software quality, improving the development process, and building highly scalable systems and teams. Sigu is a father to many and a husband to one. Fell in love with Ruby but ended up marrying Elixir after dating shortly. In his dream career, he would be driving an 18-wheeler across the continent.

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Architecting Reactive Systems for Scalability and Availability

December 31 - December 31, 2023

In this tutorial, we will look at the steps needed to design scalable and resilient systems. The lessons learnt apply to the Erlang ecosystem, Elixir included, but are in fact technology agnostic and could be applied to most stacks, including Scala/AKKA, .net and others.

Why Learn with Erlang Solutions

Erlang Solutions are the world-leading consultants in Erlang, Elixir, RabbitMQ and technologies in the Erlang Ecosystem. We have over 20 years experience working with technologies on the BEAM VM (the virtual machine that powers Erlang and Elixir). Training and sharing knowledge is at the core of what we do. Our trainers are the same consultants that build mission critical in-production systems for some of the world’s biggest companies. Our courses are designed to deliver battle-tested methods with an eye to how the material is used in modern environments.

EXPERTISE: Intermediate

TARGET AUDIENCE: Software Developers and architects

DURATION: 3 hours 30 minutes


Software development experience is a must, as is an understanding of data consistency models. Experience or exposure to designing and architecting systems is a benefit, but not a prerequisite.


Distribution: This section covers how to break up your system into manageable microservices. How do you collect these microservices into nodes, which together form distributed architectural patterns, giving you your end-to-end system? What network connectivity do you use to let them communicate with each other?

Interfaces and state: This section covers how you define your service interfaces. What data and state do you distribute across your nodes, clusters, and data centres? And if requests fail across nodes, what is your recovery strategy?

Availability: You need at least two computers to make a fault-tolerant system. When dealing with fault tolerance, you have to make decisions about resilience and reliability. This section covers techniques needed to make sure your system never fails and the trade-offs you need to make in your design.

Scalability: When you picked your distributed pattern, decided how to distribute your data, and made choices on fault tolerance, resilience, and reliability, you also made trade-offs on scalability. This section covers the decisions you have to make and how they affect scalability, as well as how to deal with capacity planning, load regulation, and back pressure.

Observability: This section covers the importance of visibility on both a business level and a system level. To achieve five-nines availability, you need preemptive support and automation. To trigger automation, you need to know the state of your system and be able to react to it as quickly as possible. This includes metrics, alarms, and notifications.

The tutorial is based on the last four chapters of Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP by Francesco Cesarini.


Francesco Cesarini is the founder of Erlang Solutions Ltd. He has worked with the Erlang Ecosystem on a daily basis since 1995, starting as an intern at Ericsson’s computer science laboratory. He moved on to Ericsson’s Erlang training and consulting arm working on the first release of OTP, and applying it to turnkey solutions and flagship telecom applications. In 1999, soon after Erlang was released as open source, he founded Erlang Solutions, which has become the world leader in Erlang-based consulting, contracting, training and systems development. Francesco has worked in major Erlang-based projects both within and outside Ericsson, and as Technical Director, has led the development and consulting teams at Erlang Solutions. He is also the co-author of ‘Erlang Programming’ and ‘Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP’ both published by O’Reilly and lectures at Oxford University.

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February 03 - February 03, 2024

At FOSDEM 2024 we’re having the 3nd edition of a Devroom completely dedicated to the BEAM (and all languages running on it). FOSDEM is an annual conference about free and open source software, attended by over 5000 developers and open-source enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Devroom will take place in the morning on Saturday, 3 February 2024, at ULB (Campus Solbosch), in Brussels, Belgium. Join us to enjoy interesting talks, demos and discussions about Erlang, Elixir, Gleam and the wonderful BEAM!

If this has piqued your interest, please submit your talk proposal here: We hope to see you in Brussels!

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