The EEF participates in many events related to the BEAM Community.

February 2022 Ohio Elixir Meetup

February 01 - February 01, 2022


Geoffrey Lessel - Bringing a 45 year old CPU to life with Elixir and Phoenix About Us

Ohio Elixir is a free and open to the public user group that concentrates on the Elixir programming language and the Phoenix web framework. All levels of experience are welcome!

• What we’ll do: Each month we host talks on the Elixir language and the Phoenix framework. Food and soft drinks are provided. Usually, we hang out afterward to continue networking.All are welcome!

• What to bring: Your sense of curiosity and maybe your laptop

• Important to know: Our event is 100% online and the meeting details get sent to all that RSVP. You should receive an email 2 hours before the event and another about 10 minutes before the event. Both of these emails will have the details.

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Trends in the Elixir Community from Elixir Wizard Co-Host, Sundi Myint

February 07 - February 07, 2022

Meetup schedule: 6:00 - 7:00 – Main Discussion - Sundi Myint, co-host of the Elixir Wizards podcast, talks about community trends she’s heard from guests over the last season around the Impact of Elixir. Get a view of what Elixirists around the world hope to see from the language in the future, and maybe a few thoughts on how to get there. 7:00 - 7:30 – Erlang/Elixir show and tell:

• Bring your project, show everyone what you’ve been up to • Stuck on a problem, show the group • Or just come out and share your experiences

7:30 - 8:00 – Socializing

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February 2022 - Monthly Meetup

February 09 - February 09, 2022

This meetup centers around the Elixir programming language and is for anyone interested in discussing Elixir and related topics. It takes a broad approach, welcoming discussion and talks on Elixir, Erlang, Phoenix Framework, as well as other community packages and projects.

Please let us know if you have an interest in presenting.

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The Big Elixir 2022

March 24 - March 25, 2022

Elixir Conference in New Orleans, LA

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May 06 - May 06, 2022

A new one day Elixir conference, in the heart of the Rockies 🏔

EMPEX MTN is a one day, single track programming conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, dedicated to the Elixir programming language and ecosystem. We bring together excellent technical content, in an intimate conference atmosphere, elevating the typical conference experience.

Brought to you by the same team that has previously hosted: EMPEX NYC & EMPEX LA.

Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2022

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