The EEF Board 2020 Election is Over

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation has held its elections over the last month, and what a wild month it’s been for all of us. Despite global events, roughly 63% of our members with the right to vote came forward and elected a new board.

We want to thank everyone who decided to run; it’s been a rather close result for votes. However, in the end the following members remain part of the board:

  • Francesco Cesarini
  • Fred Hebert
  • Sebastian Strollo
  • Alistair Woodman

They will keep representing cohort C, which will be electable again in 2023.

Next year’s election will be based on cohort B, currently including Peer Stritzinger, Maxim Fedorov, Benoit Chesneau, and Miriam Pena.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this election.