The EEF Board 2021 Election is Over

Over the last month, the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation has been running elections with more candidates in play than we could have hoped for. We see this larger involvement as a statement that the community believes the foundation can make a difference within the community.

We want to thank everyone who decided to run, and the members who took the time to vote, roughly 40% more than last year.

Here is the list of the 4 winners for Cohort B, which will be electable again in 2024:

  • Miriam Pena (82 votes)
  • Peer Stritzinger (50 votes)
  • Sophie DeBenedetto (49 votes)
  • Bryan Paxton (47 votes)

The fifth position, replacing José Valim for the remainder of his term, goes to Maxim Fedorov (39 votes), ahead of Benoît Chesneau (29 votes) and other candidates.

Next year’s election will be based on cohort A, which will now include Richard Carlsson, Kenneth Lundin, and Maxim Fedorov.

The change will be officialized during the next board meeting, where we’ll transfer powers between the old board to the new ones through a final vote. Thanks to everyone who participated in this election!