The EEF Board 2023 Election is Over

Update on the results of the 2023 election

All results listed below are merely provided as historical record and have been invalidated by the 2023 election officials as of April 3rd, 2023.

Please visit Election 2023 Re-Vote for current information about the 2023 board election.

This page shall be updated with a link to the 2023 election re-vote results are out.

See the admendments section of this page for previous updates.

About the original results

Over the last month, the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation has been running elections for its Cohort A. We’re thankful for everyone who decided to get involved by running, and those who made their voices heard by voting.

Cohort A contains four members, who now are:

  • Francesco Cesarini (59 votes)
  • Sebastian Strollo (44 votes)
  • Alistair Woodman (43 votes)
  • Amos King (39 votes)

The fifth position went to Kiko Fernandez-Reyes, with 38 votes, and the 6th position to Thomas Depierre with 23 votes. Francesco, Sebastian, and Alistair are returning board members, and Amos King will therefore replace Fred Hebert, who we thank for his role as a founding board member.

The change will be officialized during the next board meeting, where we’ll transfer the powers between the old board members to the new ones through a final procedural vote. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this election!

Next year’s election will be based on cohort B, which includes Miriam Pena, Peer Stritzinger, Sophie DeBenedetto, and Bryan Paxton, and will represent yet another opportunity to get involved in the BEAM ecosystem.


  • Sunday April 2nd 8:30pm PST : Added a section to link to the 2023 revote post with statement in regard to the invalidation of the results on this page.