Meet the Sponsors - EMQ

Welcome to Meet the Sponsors, a blog posts series in which you will learn about our sponsors and why they decide to support this great community. Today we will get to know EMQ Technologies Co., Ltd. Enjoy it!

Meet the Sponsors - EMQ

EMQ is an open-source IoT data infrastructure software provider that delivers the world’s leading cloud-native MQTT-based IoT messaging platform and streaming database. They provide a one-stop cloud-native solution for real-time IoT data connection, movement, processing, and analytics, from edge to cloud to multi-cloud.

Why the BEAM

The founders of EMQ started developing telecom software using Erlang since 2006, for they are impressed with Erlang’s concurrent soft real-time runtime system and the message passing architecture.

They use Erlang and Elixir to build their MQTT message broker EMQX. EMQX is an open-source project that has received over 9,000 stars on GitHub.

Starting from the 5.0 release, it is also released with Elixir runtime and the iex shell.

The EMQX team also open-sourced quite many other open-source Erlang projects, such as:

A lot of EMQ’s customers are amazed by its capacity and scalability, which are the exact reasons why the EMQX project started off using Erlang/OTP. Today, it is serving over 100 million IoT devices globally.

In their recent scalability test, they managed to reach 100 million connections in one single cluster. Without the BEAM, this would have been a 30-years-harder mission to accomplish.

About sponsoring the foundation

At EMQ, they use a lot of open-source libraries, including some of which are supported by the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

Furthermore, the breeze-like experience of using setup-beam in GitHub action was a great example of immediate benefit from the foundation.

We asked them what they think it’s our best achievement to date and they said that creating this platform for the community to work together is itself an amazing achievement, which has the most significant impact than any of the individual projects. In the future, they would like to see more creative work in build and packaging, observability, and security.

They believe that sponsoring the foundation, its mission of building a better community, and more open-source projects will, in the long run, benefit EMQ just like everyone else in the community.

A little more about EMQ

EMQ is headquartered in Hangzhou, with offices and teams across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. Their flagship product EMQX is adopted by more than 20,000 enterprise users from over 50 countries, connecting more than 100 million IoT devices worldwide. Trusted by over 300 customers in a business-critical production environment, EMQ powers the future-proof IoT solutions and enterprise digital transformation. EMQ is also contributing to the Erlang community by open-sourcing tools and libraries, and by sending bug reports and pull requests to the OTP team. They want to do better in community engagement, learning, and sharing.

For more information, take a look at their website

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