Meet the sponsors - Learn Elixir

Welcome to Meet the Sponsors, a section in which you will find the profiles of our sponsors. Here you will learn about them and why they decide to support this great community. Today we will get to know a new sponsor: Learn Elixir. Enjoy it!

Meet the Sponsors - Learn Elixir

Learn Elixir provides all kinds of opportunities to learn this programming language, its mission is to become the gold standard of education within the Elixir community through their curriculum, weekly live training sessions, assistant teachers of IA, project assignments, code reviews, opportunity preparation and placement.

Mika, Learn Elixir cofounder, was first learning how to code and went to a Ruby on Rails bootcamp, so he could find a job. One of the TA’s told him Elixir had a similar syntax to Ruby, but was a functional and concurrent language for building highly scalable applications. The ecosystem also provided a similar webframework to Rails called Phoenix, so he jumped on it and started making small production systems at the first startup he worked for.

Aside from building their site, their main use of Elixir is teaching the language. This year they also have plans to create an AI driven LMS to host their offering. In addition, Mika also contributes to the community through GitHub.

About sponsoring the foundation

Learn Elixir is a new sponsor of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation, they decided to join to help uplift thecommunity as a whole outside of their direct daily influence. Their commitment is such that they plan to join as lifetime members.

Furthermore, in specific areas they would like the foundation to focus on, they mentioned expanding theiractive involvement with new and exciting companies that align with the foundation’s mission.

A little more about Learn learn-elixir

Learn Elixir has been working hard since 2019, the year of its foundation. Mika Kalathil and Jeremy Graham, the business man, are Co-Founders of Learn Elixir and are both based in Vancouver Canada.

For more information, take a look at their website

Our foundation is supported by the funding of our sponsors, and it is what allows us to carry out projects, marketing initiatives, stipends programs, and accomplish the goals that we have established as an organization. So if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!