New Embedded Working Group, the EEF Joining the OW2 and Other News

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We have an exciting slate of announcements this month as the EEF continues to grow internally with a new Embedded Working Group and world-wide as there’s now a BEAM Room at FOSDEM and the EEF has joined the OW2.


We are really excited to announce that we will be having for the first time a Devroom at FOSDEM 2020 dedicated to the BEAM (and all languages running on it!). FOSDEM is a free conference dedicated to open-source software, and one of the largest in the world, with over 8000 people attending last year. This is the perfect venue for us to showcase the power of the BEAM and get even more people excited about it.

The Call for Talks is now open, and you can find it here. You can also follow the #beamfosdem hashtag on Twitter. Whether you’re submitting your talk proposal, or you’re just attending the event, we hope to see you in Brussels in February

The fosdem website is :

Working Group Water Cooler

Name and Role in the Working Group Frank Hunleth, co-author of the Nerves project and co-founder of the Embedded Systems Working Group.

What is the primary goal of the working group? Describe in reference to the community benefits. Our primary goal is to unify the efforts of the embedded systems projects in our community and to promote the BEAM languages and the Erlang VM as mature and viable technologies for building IoT and embedded projects.

How does the group determine what to focus on? Is there a way for the community to collaborate? We meet every two weeks to discuss ongoing and new projects and post minutes at Our members are active in the Nerves and GRiSP communities so if you would like to collaborate, please reach out to one of us.

What is the group currently focused on? Are there initiatives planned? While makers and hobbyists share their embedded Erlang and Elixir projects, many interesting industrial projects ship quietly under the radar. We’re often asked where Erlang and Elixir are used, so we’d like to highlight these success stories in a central location. Our first project is to jointly create this project.

Have long term initiatives been discussed? Describe based on priority and benefit. We have a number of development projects that we’ve discussed. We’re initially looking at ones that benefit both embedded systems and the greater community such as faster Erlang VM startup.

How can the community help in supporting the group? Are there projects that need contributors or collaborators? If you have deployed Erlang and Elixir in an commercial or industrial embedded system, please let us know.

What is the best way for the community to stay informed on the working group’s initiatives? Watch our GitHub repository for updates. We post summaries of all of our work and meetings there.

Sponsor Testimonial: DockYard

“As advocates of open-source development that advances industries, we’re thrilled to sponsor EEF,” said Brian Carderella, Founder and CEO of DockYard. “Its community-oriented approach to growing a diverse Erlang and Elixir ecosystem will further the development of the next generation of innovative applications. DockYard is proud to support EEF in its mission to help propel the development community forward.”

OW2 Membership

We are now an official member of OW2. OW2 is an “independent, global, open-source software community” whose mission “is to a) promote the development of open-source middleware, generic business applications, cloud computing platforms and b) foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem.” Check out more details about them here. It’s great to see the EEF work with more and organizations across the world.

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